What Is a Telehandler and What is it Best Used For?

Spider Cranes: Finding the Right Crane for Your Construction Project
July 7, 2017
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A telehandler is one of the most utilised pieces of hydraulic machinery in the construction, mining and agriculture sectors in Australia. It’s a versatile lifting machine and incorporates a telescopic boom fitted with a lifting attachment to suit the task at hand.

The modern day Telehandler has the combined capabilities of a forklift, crane, and work platform all rolled into one machine as well as countless other potential functions. A simple quick hitch design allows the operator to change attachments safely and efficiently to carry out various functions.

Here at All Terrain Services, we have the largest range of Telehandlers in Western Australia for hire and sale and are continually expanding and embracing technological advances with these machines.

How Do I Find the Right Machine?

Contact us today on (08) 9358 6788 to speak to one of our highly experienced staff members and let us assist you with selecting the right machine for the job. You can choose to hire our telehandlers with or without one of our experienced operators. They are capable of lifting heavy loads from 2.5 ton all the way up to 45 tons and have boom lengths ranging from 6 meters to 46 meters.  All of our Telehandlers come with three different steering modes including front wheel steering for on road travel, four wheel steering for excellent manoeuvrability in tight areas and crab steering for shifting loads away from a wall or embankment etc. Need a machine delivered promptly to your project location? Not a problem we can arrange transport Australia wide and ensure your project runs on time.

How Do I Know Which Attachment is Best for My Telehandler?

To decided which attachment is best for your telehandler, think about your requirements and what you’d like to achieve. We specialise in the Manitou range of Telehandlers, a brand that is renowned for quality and reliability. We can supply a full range of attachments including forks, buckets, jibs, winches, Man baskets and the list goes on. We also custom build specialty attachments to suit our customer’s requirements. So contact our friendly sales team today to discuss your requirements.

The standard attachment is the fork carriage that makes the telehandler ideal for lifting all sorts of loads including pallets, concrete blocks, steel and timber etc. They come in a variety of sizes so before you choose a specific fork type it is important to consider both the dimensions and weight of the materials to be lifted. We provide the option of hydraulic fork positioning and side shifting carriages for increased safety and efficiency.

Crane jib attachments allow the Telehandler to be easily turned into a pick and carry crane, which allows loads to be lifted and shifted around sites where a standard fork carriage is not suitable.

If you are trying to lift loose material, a variety of buckets can help. Larger buckets are reserved for lighter materials, multi-purpose buckets are great for grabbing, dozing, back blading and leveling.

How to Operate Your Telehandler

A telehandler is a powerful and versatile piece of machinery and only those with experience should operate one.  All our operators are fully qualified and certified. Health and safety is a priority and operators should know about load charts to ensure attachments are suitable for the job.

You can find more details about our telehandlers for hire as well as our range of telehandler attachments.  All Terrain Services have over 13 years’ experience supplying machinery to major projects.  We are a family run business based in Perth and pride ourselves on the professional level of service we offer.  So why not call us today on 08 9358 6788?