3 Main Types of Telehandlers and Their Benefits

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October 6, 2017
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April 13, 2018

When lifting equipment or materials forms an everyday part of your business, then a telehandler can be one of the most valuable, time-saving machines that you can utilise.

A telehandler is also known as a telescopic handler, a teleporter and a boom lift.  This machine is widely used in agriculture and industry, especially in distribution centres and development destinations, to move loads to and from places difficult to reach for a traditional forklift.

3 main types of telehandlers available with Allterrain Services:

Not all telehandlers are the same and you can utilise a different telehandler depending on your industry and business needs:

  1. Standard Fixed Boom Telehandler – the basic model for construction and agriculture
  2. Rotational Telehandler – revolutionising construction
  3. Heavy Lift Telehandler – providing greater efficiency and flexibility for mining

Benefits of using a Telehandler

There are multiple benefits for using a telehandler, when you have a piece of machinery that has the functionality of a forklift and the reach and strength of a crane.

On-road and off-road capabilities 

Telehandlers are highly mobile and can be driven to most sites and locations.  They are versatile for navigating a range of working environments as they offer three different steering modes – front wheel, 4-wheel drive and crab steering. The telehandler model with 4-wheel drive can cover very rough and uneven terrain, which is very useful on building sites, in agriculture or even in the mines.

Carrying very heavy loads

Rotational telehandlers can rotate around the chassis, meaning that the vehicle can be stationary on its outriggers and this offers a huge advantage in terms of flexibility and accessibility. Even with their boom lengths ranging from 6 metres to 46 metres, telehandlers are capable of lifting heavy loads from 2.5 tonne all the way up to 45 tonne.

Increased safety

A telehandler can replace a large amount of manual lifting on your work site and make complicated moving and lifting jobs much easier. To ensure the highest level of on-site safety, telehandlers must only be used by properly trained, qualified operators.  The machines are provided with an operator’s manual to maximise the equipment’s safe use. Planning and preparation of using the telehandler on site can also increase safety, as a clear pre-determined travel path for the machine can guide the operation.

Other considerations include not exceeding maximum load capacity within each respective load, using stabilisers or outriggers if needed, and travelling with the boom and load in the lowest possible position.

Need a Telehandler?

AllTerrain Services have been in the business of supplying equipment to major projects for the last 13 years.  They have a selection of telehandlers for sale and for hire to meet a range of business needs.

Contact their professional team today to see how they can assist with your individual needs.