Telehandler vs Forklift: What’s the Difference?

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Seen all over construction and work sites, telehandlers and forklifts are sometimes incorrectly considered as two pieces of equipment for the same job. While the two both lift, place and move loads, they offer very different functionalities and capabilities.

So, how do you know the difference between a telehandler and forklift and how can you tell what you need for your project? At All Terrain Services, we specialise in providing Manitou forklifts and high quality telehandlers to clients throughout Perth. Our team offers expert advice on our entire range to help you make the right choice for your project.

Our professionals shed light on the difference between telehandlers and forklifts.

Multiple Arm Attachments

While forklifts only have forks that lift loads up and down, telehandlers feature booms that can be fitted with different attachments. Telehandlers can easily move loads forward and backwards without having to move their base, while forklifts are required to drive forward and back to place loads in different spots.

With multiple arm attachments, telehandlers can carry out specific tasks and even act as a mini-crane. They can be fitted with hooks, scoops and buckets to move different loads across sites. You’re also able to attach pallet forks to telehandlers, allowing you to move large or awkward loads like a forklift would.

Varying Capabilities

Forklifts and telehandlers have different capabilities. Telehandlers often extend the limits of a traditional forklift, moving loads in more flexible ways and offering greater versatility on worksites. Larger wheelbases and bodies on telehandlers mean that they’re able to maneuver more effectively on slippery and uneven surfaces, making them much more suited to construction sites and outdoor areas.

On the other hand, forklifts are effective and practical in warehouse and factory settings with reliable control and powerful functionality.

Construction and Outdoor Industries

For construction and outdoor industries, many clients find that telehandlers are able to effectively carry out a variety of tasks. The added versatility gives the telehandler an edge over the traditional forklift on a construction site. But, in warehouses and factories, forklifts shine. They’re generally a smaller initial investment and provide warehouses and factories with a range of functionality to move loads across shelves, docks, vehicles and sites.

Construction and outdoor industries often choose telehandlers to minimise the volume of equipment transported to sites. Able to be fitted with different attachments according to a task, telehandlers offer an all-in-one solution to many on-site jobs. From carrying large loads into awkward places to acting as a mini-crane, you’ll find telehandlers on virtually all larger construction projects.

Telehandler and Manitou Forklift Hire in Perth

Thinking of investing or hiring a telehandler or Manitou forklift in Perth? Chat with the professionals at All Terrain Services. Working with clients of all sizes across industries, we provide expert advice on our full range of equipment tailored to the specifics of your project or business.

Whether you’re considering a forklift or telehandler, we can help you understand key differences and what would work best for you. Contact us today on (08) 9358 6788 to find out more.