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For crane hire of all shapes and heights, All Terrain Services is your one stop shop here in Perth for both industry experience and quality products. We’re proud to offer mobile crane hire from renowned brands like Terex, who’s robust machines are created with smart design functionality and quality materials made to withstand tough conditions. Specialising in impressive tower cranes and rough terrain cranes, Terex cranes’ easy mobile maneuverability doesn’t detract from their strength and reliability when it comes to carrying out tough jobs. The landscape of Perth and the surrounding areas is a unique one, and often requires flexible machinery capable of accessing and navigating rough terrain. Terex cranes have multiple features that make them an obvious choice for mobile crane hire, with impressive ground clearance and multiple steering modes that make operation a cinch. This international brand is known for their quality products that are capable of handling the toughest of projects, across industries such as mining and oil, to construction and beyond.
Terex Franna MAC 25 - 4
  • MRC 25 T
  • 18.4 m Boom
  • W: 2720 mm
  • L: 9985 mm
  • H: 3075 mm
  • T: 24,000 kg
Available with our skilled operator or dry hire
Terex Franna AT 20 - 3 Compact Pick and Carry Crane for Hire in Perth
  • MRC 20 T
  • 17.9 m Boom
  • W: 2500 mm
  • L: 9755 mm
  • H: 3070 mm
  • T: 19,500 Kg
Available with our skilled operator or dry hire

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