Increase Productivity and Safety with Telehandler Attachments

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If your construction business has invested in a telehandler, you may not be aware of all the additional tasks this handy lifting machine can do with a few extra attachments. New technology is playing a big part in the range of attachments available, especially if you are working in areas that are tricky to navigate.

Adding an attachment to your telehandler will enable you to get more done or even take on additional construction projects, as these attachments are known to increase safety, productivity, and reduce operating costs.

If you are considering buying or hiring an attachment for your telehandler, consider these four popular options:

Rotating Fork Carriage

This cost-saving attachment reduces your fuel consumption by limiting the machine movements and manoeuvres. The rotating fork carriage also lightens the load placement on the construction site and allows for easy handling of long loads in narrow spaces.

If you are looking for 360-degree rotation this attachment is available for sale and hire.

Hydraulic Pipe Handler

If you are working with piping and looking to improve your production times and reduce costs, then a hydraulic pipe handler is the perfect attachment. The handler provides great safety and efficiency when handling steel or poly pipe. It is easy to transport and when you arrive on your next job site, the handler can be set-up and ready to operate within minutes.

It is a huge time saver in terms of manual labour, as the index arms pick up the pipe straight off the pipe racks.

The operator has 2 options when it comes to using the handler.  There is one set of easy-to-use controls located directly on the machine. The second option is to use the state-of-the-art wireless remote control, which allows the operator to have increased flexibility and manoeuvre the position to improve visibility.

Available for hire and sale.

Hydraulic Pole Handler

Another time-saving attachment is the hydraulic pole handler, which allows you to position, remove and stack support posts used in the construction of bridges and highways. It can handle poles, pipes and safe material handling. The high-pressure cylinders and standard lock valve will ensure that you maintain a firm grasp, even in the event of loss of pressure.

Available for hire and sale.

Winch Attachment

If your latest construction project needs some heavy lifting, rather than hire a crane, you should consider the winch attachment for your telehandler. It has an adjustable length for excellent accuracy and the safety features include a limit sensor for up and down movement as well as a homologated swivel self-locking hook.  This attachment is also ideal for tight spaces.

Available for hire and sale.

Need a Telehandler Attachment?

AllTerrain Services have been in the business of supplying equipment to major projects for the last 13 years.  They have a selection of telehandler attachments for sale and for hire to meet a range of business needs.

Contact their professional team today to see how they can assist with your individual needs.