Spider Cranes: Finding the Right Crane for Your Construction Project

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June 30, 2017
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A spider crane is ideal for working in areas where access is restricted or where working space is limited. It gets its name because once set up the crane outriggers and body have a striking resemblance to that of a spider with long spindly legs.

Here at All Terrain, we have a diverse fleet of late model spider cranes and mini cranes to suit all of your project requirements. The modern day spider crane has fast become a staple piece of plant machinery in the Construction, Maintenance and Mining industries due to its efficiency and ability to enter confined work areas other cranes cant access. Whether it be steel erection, window glazing, façade installations or general crane lifts the spider crane is one of the most versatile machines on the market.

Our smaller units have the ability to enter a worksite through an opening as narrow as a standard doorway and our larger units have an incredible lifting height of up to 21 Meters. The ability to perform lifting operations on suspended slabs is where the spider crane really separates itself from the competition. Due to its incredible lightweight the spider crane has the ability to set up on a suspended concrete slab or rooftop for example and carry out tasks a typical crane could not access. Quite often these machine will even be able to travel between floor levels via the buildings lift.

What Are They Used For?

Installing large sheets of glass can be very delicate work and a spider crane with a special glass lifting attachment makes it ideal for this type of project. Our spider cranes can be supplied with a range of options and extras such as vacuum glass lifters, searchers hooks and other specialised lifting attachments.

Spider cranes are ideal for lifting operations where the ground below is unable to withstand the full weight of a larger crane.  If you need to perform lifting operations on a rooftop or in a machinery room or building then the spider crane is the answer.

Another typical use of a spider crane is on offshore drilling platforms where the machine can be lifted onto the platform via a larger crane then travel to and set up in tight areas the rig cranes will not reach.

A Flexible and Versatile Crane

A traditional crane needs space, whereas a spider crane can manoeuvre in tight areas. They may also reduce site disruption and road closures because of their compact size making it a more cost- effective option.

All Terrains fleet of spider cranes are equipped with a remote-control system which means the operator can always be in good view of the load and can work from a safe and distant position. Controlling it remotely means it can be used on projects which may otherwise have been deemed too dangerous.

They can run on different types of power, gas, electric or diesel.  Whether you require a spider crane or mini crane for a one-off lift, or long term projects, All Terrain has a complete range to suit your hire requirements. We also offer technical advice; site inspections and operator training to ensure you complete your projects as safely and efficiently as possible.

Our hire fleet consist of fully maintained modern equipment ready to use on even the most stringent of sites. Each machine comes with a full service history report up to date inspection certificates, risk assessment and current log books and operators manual. Check out our full range of spider and mini crawler cranes for hire or contact our professional team today on (08) 9358 6788 to discuss your lifting requirements.