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Hire Bomaq All Terrain Forklifts

When it comes to handling material on rough terrain or off-road projects, a Bomaq forklift is the perfect choice. Built to last, these sturdy designs have multi-purpose functionalities and are made from quality materials that can withstand hard materials and tough working conditions. We offer Bomaq forklift hire in Perth because we believe in their robust machines, and understand that sometimes the difficult terrain of Western Australia needs a sturdy forklift to get the job done. The machines we offer for forklift hire here at All Terrain Services in Perth are made to handle just that - all terrain. These designs are perfect for those who need a compact but tough design to manage a variety of tasks, and the Bomaq brand in particular is perfect for especially rough earthmoving jobs. The smart design makes them highly adaptable to your needs, and thanks to Bomaqs’ great set-up it’s easy to fix or replace any spare parts as required in order to keep the machine running smoothly for longer.
Yellow 4WD Fork Lift Truck
  • H5* 2600mm
  • H6 2225mm
  • X 1000mm
  • Y 2650mm
  • L2 4300mm
  • M2 300mm
  • B1 2250mm
Available with our skilled operator or dry hire
yellow 4WD Fork Lift Truck for sale in perth
  • H6* 2230mm
  • X 850mm
  • Y 2350mm
  • L2 3850mm
  • M2 275mm
  • B1 1950mm
Available with our skilled operator or dry hire
4WD Fork Lift Truck sales rental and service in perth
  • H6* 1990mm (AU)
  • X 655mm
  • Y 1975mm
  • L2 3130mm
  • M2 250mm
  • B1 1500mm
Available with our skilled operator or dry hire

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