What is a Mini Crawler Crane?

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Mini crawler crane for hire in perth

Mini crawler cranes: Perth’s lifting solution

Mini crawler cranes, also known as spider cranes, are compact and versatile machines capable of lifting and moving in hard to access areas. Defined by their small footprint and minimal tail swing, mini crawlers are the ideal for lifting and shifting on a wide range of job sites.

Small footprint, big potential

Mobile crawler cranes are the epitome of “less is more” in the modern construction industry. With rapid advancements in the last decade, spider cranes have become increasingly compact without losing out on lifting potential.

No tail swing

Crawler cranes use an innovative load distribution method that doesn’t require an outrigger. That means the cranes boast 360° slewing with almost no tail swing. Why does this make mini crawlers perfect for urban job sites?

  • Reduces disruption, getting the job done faster
  • Able to work in confined spaces
  • Less access planning on existing sites
  • Higher safety standards

5-tonne lifting potential

The Manitou MRT 2150 mobile crawler crane, available for hire from All Terrain Services, features 5-tonne lifting capacity and a telescoping 18.1-metre boom. Plus, with 360° slewing and versatile all-terrain performance, the MRT 2150 is the ideal all-rounder for mine sites, construction projects, tough installs, and renovations.

Mobility and Stability

Mini crawler cranes are designed to go just about anywhere. Designed with tracks (like a tank) or robust all-terrain wheels, mini crawlers are the vehicle of choice on challenging terrain. With rough terrain in mind, crawler cranes are designed to be stable even on sloping ground. That means they offer a solution in places other cranes can’t go:

  • Uneven ground
  • Inaccessible areas
  • Greenfield sites
  • Landscaped areas
  • All-weather access to elevated areas

Plus, machines like Manitou mini crawler cranes have purpose built pick and carry equipment capable of travelling with a load to save on transport and logistics, and reduce on-site headaches.

All in all, mini crawler cranes are the versatile and cost-effective solution for challenging lifting jobs. But there is one more reason we recommend these compact machines for hire in Perth.

Health and Safety

Cranes are put to work in inherently high-risk areas. Construction sites, mining operations, uneven terrain – the risk profile is high. Mini crawler cranes are designed with safety front of mind, both for the operator and the entire crew.

All our mini crawler cranes for hire are fitted with industry leading safety features and intelligence to get the job done safely and efficiently:

  • Tipping prevention system
  • Working envelope indicator
  • Crane tilt alarm
  • Inbuilt stabilising equipment

Safety is a key concern across the entire All Terrain Services range of cranes for hire in Perth. From mini crawler cranes to the big rigs, all our equipment is maintained to the highest standards and equipped to keep your site safe.

We’ll walk you through all the safety features when you hire a mobile crawler crane from All Terrain Services. Plus, our team is available for repairs and servicing at all times, in all corners of WA.

Need a mobile machine to get the job done? Call All Terrain Services today to enquire about our mini crawler cranes for hire.