Wearing the appropriate safety gear when operating a forklift

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September 4, 2019
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All Terrain Forklift Hire

When used safely and properly, forklifts make big jobs much easier by taking care of the heavy lifting – literally. For forklift operators, especially those driving all terrain forklifts, safety is paramount.

You probably pay close attention to pedestrian safety and safe lifting, but what about the driver’s safety gear?

As Perth’s forklift hire experts, it’s our duty to educate drivers on the risks and remedies of operating rough terrain forklifts.

In this article, you will find an overview of the recommended safety gear for forklift operators, including some essentials you might not expect.

Why is safety gear important?

Like any high-risk job, you should consider safety the top priority.

Driving a forklift in any environment is classified as high risk by Safe Work Australia. Naturally, that means rough terrain forklift operators are at an elevated risk level due to the added environmental factors.

Although our range of forklifts for hire in Perth are designed to handle all kinds of terrain, it’s still important for operators to be protected and alert on the job.

Safety gear offers all terrain forklift operators protection against many common preventable hazards encountered in the varied workplaces these multipurpose machines will take you.

Safe practices

All terrain forklifts are incredibly versatile and useful. Safe operation means taking a moment to assess the risks, minimise or eliminate the hazard, and continue with caution.

Check out our recent blog on safe operation if you need to brush up on safety tips. It covers almost everything you need to know when hiring a forklift in Perth.

But let’s dive a little deeper into the required safety gear:

Head protection

It’s right there in the name: forklifts are great at lifting heavy loads to high places. That presents an ever-present risk of falling objects. Forklift operators should always wear hard hats and be conscious of lifting unstable objects overhead.

Eye protection

Rough terrain forklifts take operators into many different environments, and clear eyesight is always essential. Risk of obstructed vision and eye damage from dust, wind, chemicals, liquids and loose objects must be addressed with adequate eye protection. For outdoor jobs this includes UV protection to prevent sun damage.

Foot protection

The environmental risks of all terrain forklifts don’t stop at the eyes. Drivers need tough boots with puncture proof soles in case of hazards underfoot. Most worksites require steel cap boots, which is a safety standard we fully endorse.

Hand protection

Proper safety gloves protect the driver’s hands when loading and unloading material, attaching chains or ropes, and operating the forklift in hazardous environments.

Reflective/safety clothing

We hire forklifts for Perth projects of all scales, but they’re almost never the only piece of equipment being used on a worksite. Hi-vis clothing ensures forklift operators can be seen by other staff on a busy site, because their job normally requires getting in and out of the cab often.

Too loose / too tight

A high percentage of accidents occur when drivers are entering or exiting the forklift. As much as it needs to be visible, operator’s clothing needs to be suitable for frequent movement. Too loose and it could get caught on door handles or in wheels; too tight and it can restrict movement causing falls.

Safe work means more productive work. At All Terrain Services we hire forklifts in Perth and a huge range of equipment to job sites right across Western Australia.

Whether you’re driving a rough terrain forklift or operating a mobile crane, taking a minute to think about safety could save your life.