Use of Sennebogen Telescopic Crawler Crane to a Construction Site

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The Sennebogen 613E telescopic crawler crane is a tough as nails 15 Ton telescopic crawler crane designed for peak performance and maximum usability, providing the operator with better overall control of the crane’s precision movements.

If you are on the hunt for a telescopic crawler crane in Perth, the 613E should be first on your list, with an impressive new design to give you the best performance possible on the modern construction site.

Sennebogen have given the cab of the 613E telescopic crawler crane a design boost, with super sound insulation, all weather design, glazed safety glass, adjustable windshield and even a large roof window, all designed to not just improve comfort, but also usability. Most notably the new 613 E is only 2.5 meters wide in transport mode allowing it to be easily transported.

The Low Down on Telescopic Crawler Cranes

You will often find telescopic cranes on construction sites because they are easily manoeuvrable, with the ability to handle and place a heavy load with precision.

Telescopic cranes are fast and easy to set up, with a fully hydraulic 18.8 meter main boom and 5 meter fly jib the new 613 E series has a maximum tip height of 25 meters and maintains ability to pick and carry a load even on full boom.

Crawler cranes are also beneficial to many worksites because they can travel across uneven surfaces and rugged terrain with ease, thanks to their tracks. For sites with more delicate flooring the option of bolt on rubber track pads provide greater protection and load bearing distribution.

How to Incorporate a Telescopic Crawler Crane on your Site

Using a crane on a construction site is generally a given – they are incredibly handy pieces of machinery designed to lift, move and place otherwise immovable equipment, materials and products.

Using a telescopic crawler crane on your worksite can be incredibly beneficial to your schedule, budget and resources as a whole.

Save Time

The new Sennebogen 613 E series telescopic crawler crane can be easily transported on a standard drop deck trailer and being in gauge dimensions wise enables it to basically travel anywhere any time at a more affordable cost. It is easy to set up, allowing you to get your crane onto site and operating within a short space of time. It also enables this new crane to be utilised on shorter term projects and sites with greater access restrictions due to its narrow transport width of 2.5 meters.

Ideal for All Terrain, Including Indoors

Telescopic crawler cranes are designed to get the job done even when the going gets tough. Whether it be on a rough uneven muddy construction site, floating on a barge or working inside a tunnel the possibilities for telescopic crawler cranes are endless.

Precision Range of Movement

The construction of telescopic crawler cranes lends itself to be flexible and have a wide range of uses. The crane can be utilised for projects such as steel erection, shed building, marine construction projects, tunnel projects, road and bridge construction, mine construction and maintenance, demolition, dredging, port construction and maintenance and just about any lifting application you can think of.

Multipurpose to Suite Many Industries

The multipurpose, flexible nature of telescopic crawler cranes means they can be used by a number of industries for a range of applications.

Telehandler and Mini Crawler Crane Specialists

Don’t trust your crane hire in Perth to anyone other than All Terrain Services.

All Terrain Services source the highest quality equipment from around the world, including the Sennebogen 613E Telescopic Crawler Crane, to ensure construction sites around Perth and Western Australia are using the best machinery for the job.

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Crane hire from All Terrain Services is just one aspect of the business; all Terrain Services provide equipment servicing and repairs, spray painting and panel beating and stock a large inventory of genuine parts to ensure your equipment keeps on running as it should.

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All Terrain Services is proud to announce the latest arrival to their fleet – the Sennebogen 613 E Series Telescopic Crawler Crane.

As a family-owned and run business based in Perth, Western Australia, All Terrain Services take great pride in providing high quality customer service and care to businesses across Australia.

For crane hire, including telescopic crawler cranes in Perth, All Terrain Services are a cut above the rest.

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