What is a Telescopic Crawler Crane

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Sennebogen Telescopic crawler for hire in perth

To get the job done safely and on time, the modern worksite demands a crane that is versatile, easily manoeuvrable and is tough as nails: enter the telescopic crawler crane.

Telescopic crawler cranes have become a vital piece of on-site machinery across a range of industries thanks to their robust, reliable and rugged nature.

A telescopic crawler crane is a combination of your typical telescopic crane, featuring an extendable boom and excellent manoeuvrability, and a crawler crane, which provides stability and mobility.

Reasons for Using a Telescopic Crane

Telescopic crawler cranes are handy pieces of machinery to have on your work site, with their design ideal for lifting, moving and placing products, materials and equipment of varying shapes and sizes.

The telescopic crawler cranes available for hire through All Terrain Services combine maximum usability with peak performance, featuring uncompromising power and flexibility to help you get the job done.

For all your crane hire needs, including telescopic crawler cranes, you can trust All Terrain Services.

Quick Set Up

Anyone who has worked on site knows that time is money, with any delays or mistakes potentially becoming costly. In order to save time and money, it makes sense to choose a crane that can be easily transported or manoeuvred, then quickly set up, at any worksite.

Telescopic crawler cranes only require a flatbed trailer for transportation. After being unloaded from the trailer, telescopic crawler cranes can be easily set up in 10 minutes, with no additional staff needed for assembly.

Flexible Use

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of telescopic crawler cranes is their versatility.

Telescopic crawler cranes are ideal for all terrain, from indoor use to mud-covered construction sites, floating barges to uneven surfaces – these cranes can even get the job done on gradients of up to 20˚! These cranes are great for projects where you have limited manoeuvrability, need to reach considerable heights while carrying heavy loads or need to place objects with absolute, uncompromised precision.

At All Terrain Services, you’ll find telescopic crawler cranes for hire for your all terrain needs.

Sennebogen Telescopic Crawler Crane

All Terrain Services have recently added the Sennebogen 613 E Series Telescopic Crawler Crane to the fleet.

This crane is only 2.5 metres wide when it is in transport mode and features a fully hydraulic 18.8 metre main boom and a 5 metre fly jib, giving the crane a maximum tip height of 25 metres.

Whether you’re in marine construction or mine construction, tunnel or road projects, demolition, dredging or maintenance, the Sennebogen Telescopic Crawler Crane is the perfect piece of machinery for you. 

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