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Whether you are in mining, construction or agriculture, there is a good chance you will need to hire or invest in a rough terrain forklift to help you get what you need to get done – fast.

Rough terrain forklifts are reliable, versatile and easy-to-use. They are perfect for handling your outdoor construction and carrying needs.  You can move a range of materials including bricksconcrete, steel and more.

Forklifts Designed for the Outdoors

These forklifts are different from ordinary industrial forklifts, as they are extra-strong and rugged vehicles, that look a little bit like a tractor.

They are larger in size than a standard forklift, with a higher ground clearance, and you will notice the tyres are a lot larger too. These machines are fitted with pneumatic tyres which provide outstanding traction

To make your operator more comfortable in the outdoor elements, you can select a forklift with an enclosed, air-conditioned cabin and tinted windows.

Forklifts for Rural and Difficult Environments

The best thing about rough terrain forklifts is that they allow you to work in places traditional forklifts can’t go.  Rugged terrain that is difficult to excavate, access or navigate doesn’t need to slow your work down.

If you are looking to carry loads cross-country with a highly stable machine, then these forklifts are ideal.  They are built for rural environments, where the ground in uneven and you need the extra power of 4WD. They are perfect for multiple rehandling environments from docks to yards, special events, timber forestry, construction sites, farms and builder’s merchants.

All Terrain Services are the experts in rough terrain forklifts and can even offer you a 2-metre-high compact option, ideal for outdoor storage areas and narrow sites with limited room to move

Forklifts that are Versatile

Known for being highly versatile machines, these forklifts are capable of handling heavy loads from 2.5 tonnes up to 7 tonnes. They are also versatile enough to be fitted with a bucket or , and the intuitive control interfaces and seamless drivability make it easy to use for the operator. These forklifts also run on diesel engines, which make them efficient to operate.

Choosing your Forklift

All Terrain Services have been in the business of supplying equipment to major projects for the last 13 years.  They have a range of rough terrain forklifts for hire and for sale in a range of sizes to meet a range of business needs.

Contact their professional team today to see how they can assist with your individual needs.