Mobile Crane Hire in Perth: Simplifying Construction

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October 6, 2017
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More and more mobile cranes are popping up across construction and work sites in Australia. Boasting greater flexibility, versatility and efficiency, mobile cranes offer a number of distinct advantages over tower cranes.

At All Terrain Services, our Perth professionals specialise in advising on a variety of different mobile crane types. Our fleet of mobile cranes for hire are powerful, reliable and functional, helping you move and place loads of all sizes across your site.

For rough terrain forklifts and mobile crane hire in Perth, chat with our friendly team.

The Benefits of Mobile Cranes

Free movement

Unlike tower cranes, mobile cranes can move freely, are able to lift loads of various weights and can fit into tight spots with restricted access.

Compact and tidy

Mobile cranes take up a fraction of the space of tower cranes, allowing you to fit more onto your work site and operate with greater safety and productivity.

Strong and powerful

While mobile cranes may look more compact, they’re able to lift just as much as tower cranes thanks to multiple axles and hydraulic power.

Simple set up

Tower cranes take up excessive time in set up and preparations, while mobile cranes can simply drive up, stabilise, hoist and work.

Easy to hire

Whether you need a mobile crane for the day or require a fleet of cranes for a long term project, All Terrain Services has a mobile crane hire solution to suit your needs.

Mobile Crane Operations and Safety

Effective and efficient mobile crane operations come down to choosing the right crane for your project and ensuring that safety standards, processes and requirements are upheld.

Choosing the Right Crane

With a wide range of mobile cranes available, finding the right crane for your project can be tricky. At All Terrain Services, our Perth professionals provide you with expert advice on our range of hydraulic boom cranes, lattice boom cranes and non-slewing cranes. We offer personalised recommendations and crane hire services to ensure that you leave with the right crane for your project.

Protecting Your Employees

Before any works begin, all employees, contractors and workers on site should understand safety protocols and requirements. While more compact than tower cranes, mobile cranes still require a high level of knowledge and skill to operate. Ensure that your crane operators hold all relevant certifications, qualifications and abilities to effectively and safely use your mobile crane.

Looking to Hire a Mobile Crane?

At All Terrain Services, we provide expert advice on rough terrain forklift hire and mobile crane hire in Perth. Whether you’re working on a simple project or a full commercial build, our forklifts and cranes offer reliable and effective solutions.

Enhance your productivity and stick to tight construction deadlines. Contact the team at All Terrain Services to learn more about our range of forklifts, cranes and mobile cranes. Call us on (08) 9358 6788 today.