Rough Terrain Manitou Forklifts: What to Know Before You Buy

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Working on projects involving rough terrain? Invest in a quality all terrain forklift to get the job done. From high end brand new forklifts to used and secondhand options, you need a forklift that offers quality, reliability and performance.

At All Terrain Services in Perth, we specialise in supplying premium Manitou forklifts and all terrain forklifts for a wide range of projects. With a rich history and strong reputation for industry-leading forklifts, Manitou is the go-to brand for contractors and construction professionals. Built tough to withstand rough conditions, their lifespan and grunt is unmatched.

With first-hand experience and extensive expertise in the application of our forklifts, we’re able to give you expert advice on what would work best for you. Here’s what you should know when it comes to buying your next forklift.

What to Look Out For When Buying Used

If you’re tight on funds or looking for a great deal on a good forklift, buying used could be the way to go. Depending on how a forklift has been maintained and cared for, used forklifts will vary in performance, reliability and quality.

Make sure you examine the history of a used forklift to understand more about its strengths and capabilities. Consider what you need out of the forklift, including load size, lifting capabilities, height restrictions and mobility options. Think about the demand you’ll be placing on your forklift. If it’s going to be running all day every day, you may be better off buying new in order to take advantage of warranties and servicing. Used forklifts may wear down quicker – slowing down your productivity and requiring excess costs for repairs and maintenance.

Lastly, be sure to do your research on valuations and prices. If you’re going to buy used, you should be looking for the best deal on a high quality forklift that’s ready to meet your needs.

Key Questions to Ask Before You Buy

If you’re ready to buy a forklift, evaluate your options and consider your purchase thoroughly before you finalise a sale.

Reconsider your productivity requirements and make sure that your new forklift is suitable for your projected use and any future expansion plans. Compare the features and benefits of different models and pick one that best aligns with your needs. Consider the running costs, maintenance costs and overall costs of the forklift to ensure that it fits in with your budget. Once you’ve evaluated your business, your requirements and your budget, go ahead with a decision that’s right for you.

Browse Quality Manitou and All Terrain Forklifts

Looking for quality Manitou forklifts and all terrain forklifts in Perth? Chat with the professionals at All Terrain Services. Specialising in the supply of quality equipment for a wide range of applications, we make it easy to get your hands on premium models for enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Find out more about our range of Manitou and all terrain forklifts. Contact us on (08) 9358 6788