Getting to Know All Terrain Forklifts

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When the going gets tough, All Terrain forklifts keep on going!

All Terrain forklifts are a versatile, reliable and hardy piece of machinery designed to help you handle loads of different weights and dimensions primarily on outdoor surfaces and uneven, rough terrain.

According to OSHA classifications, all terrain forklifts are considered a Class 7 forklift and require special training to operate them.

What is an All Terrain Forklift Used for?

If you want to improve productivity at your dock, work site or yard, you need to invest in an all terrain forklift.

All terrain forklifts differ from general warehouse-based forklifts, as they are made to handle tough outdoor ground conditions, lift heavy loads and perform heavy-duty work

They are equipped with rugged tyres and a design that allows the driver to safely manoeuvre the forklift in testing conditions; all terrain forklifts can keep their load stable while traversing tough terrain.

All terrain forklifts can be used for a variety of applications, including but not limited to work at shipyards and dockyards, building and construction, road repair and maintenance, beach cleaning and timber forestry.

Safety is Paramount

All terrain forklifts are designed to access more terrain than your standard warehouse terrain, as they have rugged tyres and additional ground clearance that standard warehouse-based forklifts do not.

However, safety is the most important consideration when manoeuvring an all terrain forklift, so it should only be operated when the ground below can remain stable.

All of our all terrain forklifts are designed to navigate slopes of up to 38%, giving the operator superior control of the forklift.

What Type of All Terrain Forklift Do I Need?

Before you purchase the first all terrain forklift you see, it is important to understand how the forklift will be used and what benefits it will have for your business.

To make sure you get the best forklift for your needs, you need to consider aspects such as load capacity and lift height required.

Do You Even Lift, Bro?

Perhaps the most important facets to consider is how much your forklift needs to handle on a daily basis. Knowing the maximum width of your loads, average load weight and the heaviest load you will need to lift will help you to choose an all terrain forklift that meets your required load capacity.

All Terrain Services stock a range of all terrain forklifts that can handle anywhere from 2.5 tonne up to 7 tonne loads.

Lift Height

If you need to move loads from a significant height to the ground and vice versa, you should be aware of the maximum heights you need to access, as well as what height restrictions exist in your workplace (low hanging trees, ceilings etc).

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When it comes to choosing the best suited all terrain forklifts for your needs, you can trust the professional and experienced team at All Terrain Services.

All Terrain Services is a family owned business that has serviced the Perth companies for over 15 years, specialising in all terrain forklifts, telehandlers and mobile cranes.

Contact All Terrain Services today to find out how our range of all terrain forklifts can improve efficiency and productivity in your business.