Telehandler Pipe Handler 3 Ton

All Terrain Services Vertical Sliding Pipe Handler Style Grab
Vertical Sliding Pipe Handler
July 5, 2017
Yellow 4WD Fork Lift Truck
B70 MP 4WD
March 8, 2020

One of the most versatile and economical pipe handling attachments on the market. With hydraulic clamping from 100mm to 1200mm in diameter this attachment will suit a variety of project scopes and can be utilised as standard pallet forks by simply closing the clamping arms and shifting the tynes to standard pallet width.

  • SWL: 3000 KG
  • Weight: 610 Kg
  • Width: 2400 mm
  • Max Diameter: 1200 mm
  • Hyd Clamping
  • Adjustable Tines
Available for Sale and Hire